The NTUA Library and Information Center dates back to 1837, while the official operation of the library began in 1914 under state law. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious Academic Libraries in Greece. Today the Library offers many electronic services, 240.000 books and 1500 scientific journals. All the members of NTUA, as well as the public, may use the Library services and material. The public has no right to borrow books.


Since April 2000 the Library is housed at Zografou Campus (Central Library), in a new building with a total area of 7500m2. The library includes a reading room with 500 seats, six (6) group study rooms which are available to groups of at least 3 persons for 3 hours per group, 2 computer workstations and 2 photocopiers which operate with magnetic cards. The same building houses the Historical Library of NTUA as a special collection, which is the result of a systematic effort to re-establish the original holdings of the University Library. Approximately 60,000 books and journals dating from the 17th century to 1950 have recently been classified. The main bulk of the collection consists of old and rare books, pamphlets, maps, prints and encyclopedias.



Patission Complex, an annex of the Central Library of NTUA, consists of 3 functional units close connected, which serve Architecture, Urban Planning and Fine Arts. These units are: 1. Library-Reading room in the Averof Building (Rotonda) 2. Library-Reading room in the Bouboulinas Building 3. “Library of K.A.Doxiadis” οn the 5th floor of the Bouboulinas Building. Τhe special collection, of the “Library of K.A.Doxiadis” includes ≈ 24,000 items, of an important international research and training unit.

NTUA Press


Supported by Thomaidis donation, NTUA constucted in 2000, a modern building of 2150 m2 for all its press activities, as publishing scientific and cultural books, educational material, journals, etc.

  • The NTUA Press publishes books, in the areas of science and technology taught at NTUA, as well as books of general cultural interest. Some are intended chiefly for students, while others for the general public. The NTUA Press uses a modern flatbed electronic press.
  • The NTUA Print Unit is equipped with modern facilities to produce all the lecture notes and textbooks published by the University and distributed to students free of charge. The following activities are associated with publishing at the NTUA, and are located in the “Thomaidion Publishing Building”:
    • The NTUA Press Office
    • The NTUA Press Workshop
    • The Print Unit
    • The permanent book display
    • Distribution of lecture notes and textbooks to students
    • Storage of printed books and notes




The restaurant at the Zografou Campus is open all day and every day except holidays (Christmas, Easter and summer). It has reduced prices and serves university students and staff. Free meals are provided to students on relatively low incomes, as defined by law. In practice, the 90% of the students have the right to free meals.
The operation of the restaurants is monitored both by the Restaurant Committee, which has been established specifically for this purpose, and the Head of the Institution’s Health Service to ensure sanitary standards are met. Furthermore, it is inspected by representatives of the Public Health Services. Zografou Restaurant: 210-772-3068, Patission Restaurant: 210-772-3832




At the Zografou Campus there are canteens at the Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Surveying and Mining Engineering school buildings, at the Applied Sciences School building, at the Sports Center and at the Administration building. 


Physical Education and Sports Center


The Sports Centre has two gyms: one on Patission Street (on the 5th floor of the Bouboulina Building) and one on the Zografou Campus (near the student flats). Students who belong to sporting associations may join the university teams and take part in inter-university matches. Other students may use the sports facilities of NTUA and other facilities such as the Municipality of Athens swimming pool, the tennis courts in the same area, yacht clubs etc.
The sports available to NTUA students include fitness training, aerobics, volleyball, football, handball, table tennis, tennis, swimming, water polo, rowing, sailing, windsurfing, sub-aqua diving, mountaineering, fencing, karate, judo, kendo, shooting, gliding, climbing, track and field, horse-riding, skiing, chess, bridge, rafting and paintball.
Participation in sporting events is free, with the exception of some expensive sports for which students are required to pay a small part of the cost.


Bicycle Path


In 2004, a 4 Km long bicycle path was constructed at the Zografou campus. This green route connects all NTUA Schools and infrastructure (such as the restaurants, the library, etc.) and is dotted with benches, arbours, bicycle stands and fountains that can provide rest and relaxation. The bicycle path goes through the two main squares of the campus and then reaches the administration buildings. Plans to connect NTUA with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Goudi Park are currently being processed.



Health Center

Medical assistance is provided at the clinic that is based in the Zografou campus and functions as a diagnostic and a referral centre as well as a First Aid Unit. The clinic is located in the centre of the campus, on the ground floor of the General Courses Building of the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, next to the main square. Information: 210-772-1566. Dr A. Antonopoulos: 210-772-1568.


Post Office


A Hellenic post branch operates at the Zografou campus, and is located in the parking space near the administration buildings. Services offered include: paying bills, sending and receiving letters, parcels and cheques, purchasing mobile phone calling cards, using the “Door-to-Door” service (inland and international courier services), carrying out Hellenic Postbank – Eurobank transactions and purchasing philatelic items as well as various business gifts. Opening hours: Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 08.00-14.30, tel.: 210-772-1257, fax 210-772-1358




The Church of the Three Hierarchs at the Zografou Campus operates during Church Services of the ecclesiastical year (except academic holidays). The daily schedule varies according to availability of volunteer sextons and interested students. Responsibility for the operation of the Church lies with the Care Committee for the Church of the Three Hierarchs at the Zografou campus. The Church is located near the new buildings of the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 

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