Administrative Bodies

The administrative bodies of NTUA are the Rectorate, the Administrative Board and the Senate. The composition of the bodies, the election and assignment procedure and the competencies of these bodies are defined by law.



Chatjigeorgiou K. Ioannis, Professor, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Vice Rectors

Varvarigos Emmanouel, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lagaros Nikolaos, Professor, School of Civil Engineering
Psarrakos Panayiotis, Professor, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Zisis Athanasios, Associate Professor, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences


Administrative Board

The Administrative Board, in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of Law no. 4957/2022, consists of eleven (11) members, of which six (6) members are internal and are elected in accordance with the provisions of article 9, and five (5) members are external and are designated in accordance with the provisions of article 10. The term of office of the serving members of the Administrative Board is four years.

The competencies of the Administrative Board are conferred in accordance with the provisions of article 14 of Law no. 4957/2022, and in accordance with the University Internal Regulation, as long as these have not been assigned by law to other administrative bodies.

The NTUA Administrative Board has been constituted since 23.10.2023, as follows:

  1. Chatjigeorgiou K. Ioannis, Professor, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, President
  2. Kaliampakos Dimitrios, Professor, School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, internal member
  3. Koziris G. Nectarios, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, internal member
  4. Sapountzakis I. Evangelos, Professor, School of Civil Engineering, internal member
  5. Karonis I. Dimitrios, Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, internal member
  6. Kourkoulis K. Stavros, Professor, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, internal member
  7. Georgiou C. Georgios, Professor, University of Cyprus, external member
  8. Theodoridis A. Sergios, Professor Emeritus, NKUA, external member
  9. Mavropoulos P. Antonios, Chemical Engineer, Advisor and Researcher, external member
  10. Papanikolas P. Panayiotis, CEO and President at Olympia Odos S.A., external member
  11. Syrianos E. Georgios, Civil Engineer, CEO at AKTOR Concessions S.A., external member



The Senate is the highest collective body for elaborating and overseeing university policy and main actions. It consists of the Rector, the four Vice Rectors, the Schools’ Deans and the representatives of staff and students.

The main competencies of the Senate are:

  • The supervision of the way NTUA operates, ensuring that it does so within the law and in accordance with the University Internal Regulation;
  • The setting of the general educational and research policy of NTUA, the planning and strategy for its future development, and the regular review of its activities;
  • initiatives towards the strengthening of the university’s ties with the society and the productive sector, for its contribution to regional, national and international development, the vocational education and lifelong learning for engineers, as well as the collaboration with Greek and foreign educational and training institutions and with scientific and social organisations.


Senate Committees

NTUA has established Senate Committees with the mission to advise and support the Senate in the preparation and coordination of the NTUA activities. These are the leading advisory bodies of the University, their term of office is four years and they are crewed with representatives from all NTUA Schools of the Foundation and the Administration. Additionally, the Senate Committees submit an annual report to the Senate, are chaired by members of the Rectorate, and are assigned of a Vice-President as coordinator. Special Senate Committees also operate at NTUA to cover special management, study and advisory needs to the Senate.


Rector’s Office

The Rectorate is supported by the Rector’s Office (Head: L. Nikolaidou, Tel: +30-210-772-4382) and the Vice-Rectors Secretariats.


Directorate of Public and International Relations

  • Department of Public Relations: Griva. Tel: +30-210-772-2017, Fax: 210-772-2028;
  • Department of International Relations and EU: Lampropoulou, Tel: +30-210-772-1433
  • Department of Student Exchange (IAESTE): Vlassi, Tel: +30-210-772-1945
  • Press Office and Media: Sotiris Katsenos, Tel: +30-210-772-4260



Legal Advisor Office

The Legal Advisor Office represents NTUA interests before all courts and other authorities. The Head of the Legal Advisor Office is a member of the State Legal Council and is authorised to guide and submit legal advices to all NTUA services. 

Legal Advisor: Mr Periklis Aggelou, tel.: +30-210-772-1918.


Quality Assurance Unit

Fully aware of the historical role of the National Technical University of Athens as the first Technological University of the country, and of its long-term contribution to the development of the country through its high-level graduates, NTUA has established and implements a Quality Assurance System, annually assessed and updated, with the aim of: a) maintaining its tradition since its foundation in providing high-quality educational work, b) strengthening its position as a centre of excellence in a highly competitive environment at national and international level, c) producing high-level graduates, with knowledge in modern science and ability to respond immediately to current demands and d) the assurance and continuous improvement of the quality of the research project.

The implementation of the quality policy at NTUA, as reflected in the internal quality assurance system, constitutes a strategic decision and commitment of the university to develop a quality and excellence culture in all its fields of action, taking into account the general operational framework of HEIs, the internal decisions of the NTUA’s bodies, the international practices (especially of the European Higher Education Area) and the directions of the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education.

With the implementation of the Quality Policy at NTUA, continuous improvement is expected in all areas of the university's activity, such as: a) in educational and research work, 2) in the quality and speed of services and administrative procedures, and 3) in the personnel’s working conditions and students’ living conditions.

The main objectives of the NTUA quality policy are:

(a)   the continuous reformation and improvement of study programmes in relation to national needs and international trends,

(b)   the improvement of key performance indicators related to undergraduate and postgraduate studies,

(c)   improving research performance and linking research with education,

(d)   the improvement of the organization of services and the resolution of administrative issues,

(e)   the improvement of NTUA Career Office activities,

(f)    encouraging and strengthening the Schools’ outreach,

(g)   the implementation of measures to improve the environment with environmentally friendly and sustainable technology.

For the effective implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System, all members of the academic community recognize that a) there is both individual and collective responsibility to achieve the goal of excellence in all areas of NTUA activities, b) each member (academic staff, administrative staff, students), unit (academic, administrative) and body (administration, quality assurance unit, internal assessment teams) has a distinct role and responsibility for implementing the actions that correspond to it and are described in the internal quality assurance system and c) the implementation of the university’s internal quality assurance system is a continuous improvement process which requires the cooperation and collective participation of all parties involved.

Quality Assurance Unit secretariat: M. Bania, tel +30-210-772-1801


Internal Control Unit

Head of Internal Control Unit: A. Makrinou, tel +30-210-772-1899

ESDDA certification: 11.10.741.319


Committee for Gender Equality

The NTUA Committee for Gender Equality was established in 2020 in accordance with the provisions of article 33 of Law no. 4589/2019. It is a nine-member unpaid committee which acts as an advisory body to the Senate and the Schools’ administration to promote equality at all operating levels and in all processes of academic life.


General Directorates

General Directorate of Administrative Support and Studies

The General Directorate of Administrative Support and Studies aims to plan the activities, improve and coordinate the Directorates of Administrative Services, Financial Services, IT, Studies and Welfare in order to carry out their work more methodically and efficiently.

  • Directorate of Administrative Services. It handles all matters related to the entire human resources of the university; in particular with regard to the administrative staff, it recommends its proper capacity utilization, advancement and development so that it is able to respond efficiently to increasing demands. The NTUA Directorate of Administrative Services consists of the following departments: Department of Administrative Staff; Department of Teaching Staff; Department of Technical and Laboratory Staff, Register and Files Department, Superintendence Department, Facilities Protection Department; Vehicle Office.
  • Directorate of Financial Services. The NTUA Directorate of Financial Services consists of the following departments: Budget Department; Expenditure Department; Accounting Department; Cash Department; Property Management Department; Finance Department; Payroll Department.
  • IT Directorate. The NTUA IT Directorate consists of the following departments: Organization and Methods Department; Systems Analysis and Design Department; Department of Management Information Systems Development and Maintenance.
  • Directorate of Studies. The NTUA Directorate of Studies consists of the following departments: Department of Undergraduate Studies; Department of Postgraduate Studies and Research; School’s Secretariats; Department of Publications and Printing.
  • Directorate of Student Affairs . The NTUA Directorate of Student Affairs consists of the following departments: Department of Student Welfare; Department of Physical Education; Music Department; Medical Department.
  • Office for Protection and Prevention of Safety and Health at Work. The Office includes a Safety Technician and an Occupational Physician.


General Directorate of Technical Services

The responsibility of the General Directorate of Technical Services is the coordination of the construction and the maintenance of NTUA facilities within the territorial areas of the university, by the Directorate of Technical Studies and the Directorate of Facilities Maintenance.

  • Directorate of Technical Services: The NTUA Directorate of Technical Services consists of the Technical Studies Department and the Project Execution Department.
  • Directorate of Facilities Maintenance: The NTUA Directorate of Facilities Maintenance consists of the Maintenance Department and the Greenery Department.

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