Student ID Card

All students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, receive a student ID card, which proves that they have been students for no longer than the normal period required to obtain a degree plus two years. It is valid for one academic year and entitles the holder to a discount of between 25% and 50% on tickets for buses, trains, ships, museums and art exhibitions. It is issued to students by the School Secretariats following registration at the beginning of the academic year, and requires a photograph. Academic ID card acquisition service


Student Eating Card


It allows students, whose income is low, to have lunch and dinner at NTUA’s restaurants (at both the Zografou and Patision Campuses). For further queries about the card and how to apply, please contact the Student Support Office (Thomaidion Centre for Publications). The rest of the students can have lunch or dinner at the restaurants paying only a small amount of money. For further information, you can contact Ms K. Giakoumaki (210-772-2192) and Ms. G. Sotiropoulou (210-772-2192).  Student Eating Card application form


Health Care

All students are entitled to free healthcare. It can be obtained with a student health book issued at the Zografou Health Centre on presentation of an identity card, student ID card, photographs and a sworn statement as per Law 1599/86. Healthcare includes immediate medical assistance, pharmaceutical care, dental care, treatment by a doctor, hospital care for inpatients and outpatients, health centre examinations and special treatment, and care for chronic diseases.
Pharmaceutical care involves the granting of free medicine to students from designated pharmacies.
Medical and dental care provides the same care as for civil servants. This care can also be provided by designated dentists at no charge to students. A list of designated doctors and pharmacies is provided by the M edical Service. Home treatment is available only in serious circumstances or emergencies.
Hospital care is provided to every patient who is a student at the University after a medical diagnosis and the approval of the M edical Service. Tests are conducted at public clinics. Because NTUA has a microbiology laboratory which belongs to the Medical Service, it is able to serve students directly.
Prescriptions and referrals for health centre examinations from private doctors not designated by the Student Club are recognised if they are approved by the NTUA Medical Service. Provision of healthcare applies for the years of study, defined as the normal length of undergraduate or postgraduate studies in a School, plus 2 years. In the final year of studies healthcare is extended beyond the end of the academic year until 31st December of the same year for any students who have not yet received their degrees. More Information: 210-772-1566 Mrs. M. Katrani


Special Counselor

At the National Technical University of Athens, a group of experts-counselors provide their services to students who face difficulties in relation to their studies, stress and anxiety, difficulty in dealing with student life or living in the city, or other problems such as those related to social relations (conflicts with the family, or friends), feelings of isolation and mood change, health problems, and other personal issues. For further information, contact the Career Office and specifically Ms Eleni Paspaliari and Ms S. Nika.


Zografou Halls of Residence

At the Zografou campus, there are two Halls of residence: the old building and the new buildings at Zografou. The old 12-storey building has been open since 1975 (Iroon Polytechneiou Street) and is mainly used by students of other Universities (only 1% of NTUA students live there). The new Halls of Residence (15 buildings at Kokkinopoulou Street, 6A)), which are monitored by The Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation, have been open since 2005.


Student housing Allowance

It is provided to students who study and live in a place other than their main place of residency and to those whose (family or individual) income is lower than a certain point. To apply and for further information contact Student Support Office (Thomaidion Centre for Publications) at 210-772-1936 (Ms. E. Taka) and 210-772-2154 (I. Sotiropoulou).


Awards and Scholarchips

Awards and scholarships are available to students of NTUA who fulfil the conditions laid down by donators, more than 30 indivitual donators, or by the Senate (regionality, performance in panhellenic exams, semester exams or specific courses).
In addition, scholarships and awards are granted by different institutions which award sums directly to the beneficiary: The Eugenides Foundation, the Horafas Foundation, the State Scholarships Foundation, the Technical Chamber of Greece. In addition, different Ministries (Education, Finance, Foreign Affairs etc.) provide information on scholarships and awards which are granted to students of the higher education area according to competition results in several fields. All this information is available to students in the NTUA School Offices.
The Student Care Department has issued an information booklet on awards and scholarships which refers in detail to how students become eligible to apply for them. More information: Student Affairs division, Mrs  V. Balabani, Τηλ: 210-772-1951, 210-772-1330.



Employment and Innovation Offices

NTUA houses offices that serves students and new graduates of the university in the first stages of their academic and professional careers. All students and graduates of NTUA have access to a specially equipped area with a computer network where they can get information in printed and electronic form on: Postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad, Scholarships, Continuing or supplementary education, Careers advice, Jobs (summer, part-time or full-time)

The Employement and Career offices of the NTUA are the following:


Career Office

The Career Office has been set up to offer to students and recent graduates of the NTUA, support and systematic information on matters concerning their studies and on issues related to the planning of their professional career. Through the office's website you can learn about topics that might be of interest, such as:

  • Postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad
  • Scholarships in Greece and abroad
  • Job opportunities
  • Seminars and lectures
  • Consulting issues
  • Issues of entrepreneurship
  • Broader issues covering student and/or professional interest
  • Studies concerning the labor market of engineers


Language Center

Four foreign languages, English, French, German and Italian, are taught in NTUA at least one of them is obligatory. The full course lasts four semesters and the marks for the course counts towards the final grade of the degree.
Students who hold the "First certificate in English" or a higher certificate for English, and equivalent qualifications for the other languages, are exempted from the first three semesters of the course. They are not exempt from the fourth semester, which focuses on scientific terminology.
Students who do not possess such qualifications are required to attend the course in full. More information: Language Center Website



Educational Excursions

Educational excursions are organized annually. Their aim is to make students aware of technological developments or classical science and art, with the general aim to offer them an insitu education. These are organised by the Departments of each School, and are based on what has been taught in various courses. Educational excursions abroad are usually organised for final-year students and last for up to three weeks. They take place on the basis of a specific educational programme. Part of the travel expenses for educational excursions both in Greece and abroad, and a significant portion of other expenses are usually paid by NTUA, other state bodies, and the Technical Chamber of Greece.


Alumni Association

There is also an Alumni Association at the Zografou Campus to serve the 40000 graduates of the University, whose job is to promote closer relations  between graduates and NTUA, inform graduates about the activities of the NTUA, mutual support of graduates and the university in areas where the conditions require it.

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